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BNA/ANA Series Plenum Fans - Backward wheels Centrifugal Fans (for HVAC)

Code : BNA/ANA
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Quick Facts

• Available airfoil and backward curved wheel

• Size from 315 to 1400mm

• Capacities to 100000 m3/h

• Static pressure up to 4000 Pa

• Suitable to use for AHU and clean room

For supply or exhaust application in commercial, institutions and industrial HVAC systems.

"Pittsburg lock" form housing manufactured in galvanised sheet steel for all sizes except 1250 and above, in mild steel finished with polyester powder coating. The wheel having backward curved blade is made of mild steel with polyester powder coating finish.

Both air and sound performance ratings are test inaccordance to AMCA210 and AMCA300 Standards.

All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and AMCA204/3 - G2.5 Standards.


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