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DWA Series ISlimline Axial fan - Domestic fan

Code : DWA
Sản xuất tại : Thuỵ Sỹ
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Quick Facts

• Suitable for use in small room ventilation

• Size from 100 to 300 mm

• Capacities to 160 m3/h

• Easy mounting and compact design

Fan casings and impellers are manufactured from tough injection moulded polypropylene, the front grille from high quality ABS and the neon indicators from polycarbonate.

Max. operating temperature +40degC

All motor are single phase, shaded pole, 230V, 50Hz fitted with internal thermal protection devise to protect against abnormal overheating.


Tap doan Dai Viet Tap doan Dai Viet
Tap doan Dai Viet Tap doan Dai Viet
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