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RCU-B Series - Roof Exhaust Centrifugal Fan - Direct Driven

Mã số : RCU-B
Sản xuất tại : Thuỵ Sỹ
Công suất : 0 W
Lượt xem : 4573
Giá : Call

Quick Facts

• Size from 315 to 1250 mm

• Capacity up to 59500 m3/h

•Static pressure up to 800 Pa

• Suitable for industrial ventilation, commericial kitchen and chemical process exhaust

RCU roof exhaust fan is suitable for the removal of dirty, contaminated and/or high temperature air from processes and buildings. Typical applications include restaurant hoods and similar kitchen exhaust ventilation, fume and smoke removal, laboratory fume hood exhaust and chemical process exhaust.


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Tap doan Dai Viet Tap doan Dai Viet
Tap doan Dai Viet Tap doan Dai Viet
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